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Cuối cùng, tôi cũng sửa soạn giấy tờ về hưu. Đọc những hàng chữ trong tờ đơn về hưu tâm trạng buồn nhiều hơn vui. Cả đời làm việc, quen rồi nay nghĩ đến không làm việc nữa và trở thành hay sắp thành "vô dụng", thử hỏi làm sao vui được?

Cả năm nay tôi phân vân về chuyện này, nói chuyện với nhiều người. Có lẽ một người, anh V. Đ. Tạo đã cho tôi một ý kiến hay nhất tong trường hợp của tôi. Anh nói hãy sửa soạn cho mình một việc làm để bận rộn ngay sau ngày về hưu.

Làm việc gì bây giờ đây?

Hỏi ai bây giờ. Hỏi những người đã về hưu. Nghĩ như vậy và tôi đã làm một cuộc "phỏng vấn" kễ cả Mỹ lẫn Việt.

Người bạn gìa George cùng sở với tôi, nay 76 tuổi. George khuyên không nên tình nguyện trong các viện dưỡng lão vì sẽ làm mình buồn thảm và tinh thần sẽ xuống thêm một khi quanh mình toàn những người không thấy tương lai. Nếu có tình nguyện thì nên tình nguyện những chỗ tươi vui hơn như Thư viện, hay các cơ quan từ thiện, tôn giáo nhất là các sinh hoạt có tính cách thể thao, văn hóa, văn nghệ ... Con đường chọn của George là trở lại trường học. Khi gặp lại tôi thấy George trẻ ra và hăng hái hơn trước. Ý kiến này hay đấy. Thử tìm hiểu xem sao. Dĩ nhiên internet là nơi tôi ghé đầu tiên, sau khi đánh máy "special program for senior", tôi có nhiều thứ senior qúa, ghi lại đây để ai có óc thám hiểm xin cứ tự nhiên

Free Stuff for Senior Citizens

Government Grants for Senior Citizens

Assistance Available for Senior Citizens

Financial Aid for Senior Citizens

Games Activities for Senior Citizens

Government Senior Citizen Programs

Active Senior Citizens

Senior Citizen Organizations

Inspirational Poems for Senior Citizens

Trivia for Senior Citizens

I Need Craft Ideas for Senior Citizens

Special Poem for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Discounts

Honoring Christian Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Job Opportunities

Senior Citizens Driving Statistics

Senior Citizens Prayer

Low Income Housing for Seniors Elderly

Senior Activity Ideas

Free Money for Seniors


7 tips for people retiring in 2013

1)- Make sure your retirement benefits are vested

While you always get to keep the money you contribute to your workplace retirement account, you don't necessarily get to keep your employer's contributions until you are vested in the retirement plan. Some retirement accounts don't allow you to keep any employer contributions until you have been with the company for a specific number of years, while others allow you to keep a portion of your benefit, based on your years of service. Find out the date upon which you can keep all of your benefits, especially if you have been with your current employer for only a few years. In some cases, it can be worth it to stick around for a few extra weeks or months to get a bigger retirement payout.

2)- Decide when to claim Social Security

Social Security statements became available online for the first time in 2012, and more than 1 million people have already downloaded them. Check your statement to make sure your earnings were posted accurately to your Social Security record, and make note of how much you will receive from Social Security at various dates. Most baby boomers can claim the full amount of Social Security they have earned beginning at age 66. Boomers who sign up before age 66 will get a reduced payout. Retirees can further boost their monthly payments by delaying claiming until age 70.

You don't have to sign up for Social Security in the year you officially retire. "You have some folks who, by default because they are going to retire, decide to take Social Security, and that's not always the smartest decision," says Robert Oliver, a certified financial planner for Oliver Financial Planning in Ann Arbor, Mich. "You get delayed retirement credits the longer you wait between ages 62 and 70. For most people, it makes sense to wait."

3)- Sign up for Medicare on time

You can first sign up for Medicare beginning three months before the month you turn 65. This initial enrollment period lasts through the three months following the month you turn age 65. If you don't sign up during the seven-month window around your 65th birthday, your monthly premiums will increase by 10% for each 12-month period you were eligible for, but did not enroll in, Medicare Part B. If you are covered by a group health plan based on your or your spouse's current employment after age 65, you need to sign up within eight months of leaving the job or health plan to avoid the penalty. For people who retire before age 65, you need a plan to maintain health coverage until you become eligible for Medicare, such as through COBRA continuation coverage or a spouse's health plan. "People really need to think about the cost of health insurance, especially if they are retiring from a company that has paid all their premiums," says Connie Brezik, a certified financial planner for Asset Strategies in Casper, Wyo., and Scottsdale, Ariz. "They might not realize how big a part of their budget that is going to be."

4)- Protect your savings

If you haven't done so already, you need to shift your primary investment strategy from growing your wealth to protecting what you have. "As you get closer to retirement, you normally are not willing to take on as much risk because you can't stomach another downturn like we had during the great recession," says Oliver. "For most people, as they get closer to retirement, they can stand less risk, so they get more conservative. They are going to start living off their portfolio, so they can't afford to lose value in their portfolio, because they need the income from it."

5)- Develop a plan to spend down your assets

Retirees need a plan for how they will convert their retirement savings into a stream of income that will pay their monthly bills. "You want to be careful not to take too much from your savings too early in retirement," says Joan Gagnon, a certified financial planner for Gagnon Wealth Management in Mansfield, Mass. "You want to have a plan about where to take your assets from, and try to stay within the plan." Remember to factor in the income tax that will be due on traditional 401k and individual retirement account withdrawals. "If all your money is in a 401k or IRA, if you want to spend $100, $30 of that may go to Uncle Sam first, and you only have $70 to spend," cautions Brezik. "You should have funds saved and accumulated outside of those types of accounts to avoid spending a lot of money on taxes."

6)- Remember to take required minimum distributions

After you turn age 70 1/2, you will be required to take annual withdrawals from your traditional 401k and IRA accounts. The penalty for failing to take these distributions is a stiff 50% on the amount that should have been withdrawn.

7)- Maintain your connection to the workforce

Some retirees find they miss many of the friends and daily challenges they encountered in the workplace. If you continue to enjoy some aspects of your job, consider shifting to part-time or consulting work instead of pursuing a full-time life of leisure. "Keep an open mind and don't burn any bridges," says Oliver. "Plenty of people think they are ready for retirement and retire to find that they really enjoy working and at least want to keep working on a part-time basis."

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100 nhạc phẩm muôn thủa của Radio Saigon 60-70. Chọn từng bài hay tự động nghe toàn bộ


  • 1.
    Frankie Laine - High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
  • 2.
    Dalida - Tout L'amour (1959) - Passion Flower
  • 3.
    Connie Francis - Three Coins In The Fountain
  • 4.
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters
  • 5.
    Les Feuilles Mortes_Yves Montand
  • 6.
    La Paloma
  • 7.
    Torna A Surriento
  • 8.
    Sunrise, sunset
  • 9.
    Sea Of Love. Phil Phillips
  • 10.
    Don't You Know. Della Reese
  • 11.
    Come Prima (1958). Dalida
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
    The wonder of you
  • 16.
    MartyRobbins - Jamaica Farewell
  • 17.
    HiLili,HiLo - Richard Chamberlain
  • 18.
    Let me go, lover
  • 19.
    Where have all the flowers gone
  • 20.
    Mambo Italiano - FilippaGiordano
  • 21.
    Answer Me My Love - RayPeterson
  • 22.
    Yesterday when I was young - RoyClark
  • 23.
    A certain smile a certain face
  • 24.
    It was a very good year
  • 25.
    O Cangaceiro
  • 26.
    Frank Sinatra - All The Way (Original 1957 Version)
  • 27.
    You Don't Know Me. Elvis Presley
  • 28.
    Historia De Un Amor - Nana Mouskouri
  • 29.
    Stardust | Nat King Cole
  • 30.
    One Day When We Were Young (1972)- Pollyanna Lee
  • 31.
    Love Is The Many Splendored Thing - Happy Valentine's Day - Matt Monro.mpg
  • 32.
    Marilou - L'hymne à l'amour (Fête de la musique 2005)
  • 33.
    Một Lần Nào Cho Tôi Gặp Lại Em - Anh Khoa
  • 34.
    Besame Mucho. Connie Francis
  • 35.
    John Denver - Leaving on a Jet Plane
  • 36.
    The Platters - Only You
  • 37.
    Somewhere over the Rainbow - Doris Day
  • 38.
    Non je ne regrette rien - Edith Piaf
  • 39.
    Hurt - Elvis Presley
  • 40.
    Johnny Guitar - Peggy Lee
  • 41.
    Vaya Con Dios / Johnny (1953) - Les Paul & Mary Ford
  • 42.
    Born to lose - Elton Johns
  • 43.
    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'. Righteous Brothers
  • 44.
    Some enchanted evening - Frank Sinatra
  • 45.
    Robert Goulet - If Ever I Would Leave You
  • 46.
    Ray Charles - Your Cheatin's Heart
  • 47.
    Green Fields by The Brothers Four
  • 48.
    Nỗi Đau Ngàn Thu - Tuấn Ngọc
  • 49.
    Till - JerryVale
  • 50.
    Somewhere. Matt Monroe
  • 51.
    Moon River
  • 52.
    Khi Người Yêu Tôi Khóc
  • 53.
    The River Of no return
  • 54.
    Ngăn Cách - Khánh Hà
  • 55.
    Le Jour Ou La Pluie Viendra ... Jane Morgan
  • 56.
    UnchainedMelody ... Righteous Brothers
  • 57.
    Adieu Mon Pays - Enrico Macias
  • 58.
    Are You Lonesome Tonight Elvis Presley
  • 59.
    The Beatles - When I Saw Her Standing There
  • 60.
    Tell Laura I Love Her - RayPaterson
  • 61.
    En Ecoutant La Pluie ... Silvie Vartan (Rhythm of the Rain)
  • 62.
    Chiec La Cuoi Cung - Ngoc Anh
  • 63.
    Crazy - PatsyCline
  • 64.
    Trả Lại Em Yêu
  • 65.
    Elle Etait Si Jolie. Alain Barriere
  • 66.
    Mây Ngàn Lối Xưa .. Tuấn Ngọc
  • 67.
    The Tennessee Waltz ... Patti Page 1950
  • 68.
    Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles. Francoise Hardy
  • 69.
    Như Cánh Vạc Bay
  • 70.
    Hoa Biển - Gia Huy
  • 71.
    La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser. Sylvie Vartan
  • 72.
    Honey. Bobby Goldsboro
  • 73.
    Love Me Tender. Elvis Presley
  • 74.
    Cho Em Tuoi Ngoc ... Ngoc Lan
  • 75.
    Can't Help Falling In Love. Elvis Presley
  • 76.
    Em - Vũ Khanh
  • 77.
    Exodus. Andy Williams
  • 78.
    J'Attendrai ... Jane Morgan
  • 79.
    Phôi Pha - Khánh Ly
  • 80.
    Yesterday. Matt Monroe
  • 81.
    Secret Love - Doris Day
  • 82.
    Eternally. Jerry Vale
  • 83.
    Trên Ðỉnh Mùa Ðông - Nhóm Tiếng Hát Ðôi Mươi
  • 84.
    A Day in the Life of a Fool...Jack Jones
  • 85.
    j'attendrai dalida
  • 86.
    La Chanson d'Orphee - Dalida
  • 87.
    My Way - Frank Sinatra
  • 88.
    An Affair To Remember . Nat King Cole
  • 89.
    Around the World . Connie Francis
  • 90.
    Autumn leaves - Matt Monro
  • 91.
    Green Green Grass Of Home (1989) - TOM JONES
  • 92.
    Don't Worry - Maty Robbins
  • 93.
    If I Loved You - P J Proby
  • 94.
    The Music Played - Matt Monro
  • 95.
    End Of A Rainbow - Earl Grant
  • 96.
    When I Fall in Love - Doris Day
  • 97.
    Le temps de l'amour
  • 98.
    If You Go Away ... Tom Jones
  • 99.
    Musique du film .. "you guess for price"
  • 100.
    Softly As I Leave You - Matt Monro


Mời Đọc Toàn Bộ Tác Phẩm "White Lotus" của Lê Tuấn; và

Giới thiệu "những sáng tác văn, kịch, phim, dịch thuật" của Lê Tuấn

* White Lotus - Bản anh ngữ - Chapter 1 - Chapter 8
Chapter 9 - Chapter 15


Xin bấm vào hình dưới đây để vào MỤC LỤC và đọc truyện dài MƯA TRÊN TÂN SƠN NHẤT

Mời đọc Lời Ngỏ của tác gỉa Nguyễn Mạnh Hoàng Cương

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